Version of Nagarik App

1st May 2021, Kathmandu

Until now Nagarik App is in Beta Version. But the government is planning to launch the full version of the Nagarik App to the public.

The full version of the Nagarik app is on the way. With the goal of providing as many government services as possible in a single app. The government will officially launch the Nagarik app at a special event next Sunday.

The government will celebrate National Information and Communication Technology Day the next Sunday.

According to a source in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, there is a program in the works to formally make the Nagarik app public.

There is a service in the beta version that can obtain a permanent account number (PAN) from the app. And it was recently made possible to obtain a police clearance report.

Furthermore, the app allows you to access the information of your Citizen Investment Fund, Employees Provident Fund, Social Security Fund, and PAN.

Similarly, a health insurance package was recently added to the Nagarik app. Citizens can file complaints about various public and government services using the Nagarik App’s Hello Sarkar feature.

To open an account in the Nagarik app, a mobile number in one’s own name is now needed. Initially, only Nepal Telecom and Ncell numbers could be used to open an account in the Nagarik app. But Smart Telecom numbers have recently been added as well.

Following the release of the beta version, several users complained that their citizenship was not identified. And that there was an error in creating an account in the app too. However, the Ministry of Home Affairs has recently established a separate scheme to address the issue of citizenship.

In the event that the citizenship details are not found or an error is discovered. Nagarik app users can submit a request for redress via the accompanying option. Accounts in the Nagarik app can be opened using citizenship, a voter id card, or a passport.

More special services and features are expected to be available as soon as the Nagarik app is officially released. However, there is no clear indication of the services and functionality that will be included in the app.

The beta edition of the app has been downloaded over 500,000 times on Android and iOS.


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