6th April 2022, Kathmandu

As Information Technology Has Become A Part Of Life, CAN Is Promoting Digital Literacy

Human existence has gradually been transformed into information technology. We have made information technology an intrinsic part of our lives, willingly or unwillingly, intentionally or unintentionally. We are progressing toward a more technologically advanced way of living.

However, we lack knowledge and abilities in new technologies and information technology tools. As a result, we must get substantial knowledge and skills in it.

For the last 30 years, CAN has been educating the general public about how information technology works.

CAN Federation President Nawaraj Kunwar states there are three generations collectively known as 3Gs. The first generation in Nepal does not know anything at all about information technology, the second generation is changing itself into technical resources, and the third generation is growing up with it.

We must put forth a lot of effort to make first-generation information technology user-friendly. Awareness literacy programs must be held. In contrast, the third generation does not have to work as hard to learn about information technology. Mr. Kunwar further assures that these concerns are being addressed by the CAN Federation.

Mr. Kunwar acknowledges the private sector’s participation in the development of information technology in Nepal. The private sector has been working on this subject for about 30 years.

The Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) was founded in 1992. At present, the Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) is working as a governing organization of the private sector by forming a federation. The CAN Federation was founded in 2015.

CAN currently have branches in 74 districts throughout the country-, as well as in the Kathmandu Valley. CAN Federation is raising awareness in all of these areas. CAN members are categorized into three kinds.

A person who has graduated in Information Technology or studied in any faculty and is working in the field of information technology, business companies (institutions) in the field of information technology, Associations related to information technology.

Information technology is a foreign element for Nepal. In Nepal, no industry has been established to produce computer hardware. The software programming industry has just recently begun to emerge in Nepal. Establishing a computer and components manufacturing sector takes a significant amount of effort.

Digitization is being helped by information technology

Mr. Kunwar added “We have to walk a day to get the services of the award. We have to move towards making the operations of all these sectors of modern health, education, services, business information technology-friendly.

There has been some work on this. During Covid’s time, most of the reading was done online using information technology. The government is also saying that it will help Nepal in digitalization by bringing Digital Nepal Framework. 8 areas have been separated and 80 initiatives have been identified to meet the needs of those areas.

If we take these initiatives and complete them, Nepal can be digitized. In Nepal, those who do not know about information technology, have been transforming themselves by knowing.”

It is necessary to adopt technology while reducing the negative aspects

Just because there are negative elements does not mean that there is no progress. As a result, the government must take the initiative to put a stop to the negative things. Many issues have been generated in people’s lives even if you don’t know how to utilize applications like Facebook, Twitter, smartphone, and Tiktok.

However, whether intentionally or unintentionally, the use of information technology has made several things simpler in the present day. By extending the use of information technology, the banking and financial sector might be attracted to digital business and digital banking.

If the government makes the Internet a source of revenue, reduces Internet taxes, and improves public access to reduce fees, then information technology or the use of information technology can accomplish a lot in the lives of the general public.

They aren’t used to getting digital services. Service personnel is also unfamiliar with such a situation, allowing only employees who are capable of providing services online and are also familiar with information technology to join the civil service would help in the digitalization of the country.

CAN Infotech helps to understand information technology

The CAN Federation has held CAN Infotech exhibitions in Kathmandu and around the country. This exhibition has also helped the common person to be familiar with, learn, or obtain or understand information technology.

Previously, it was arranged as a fair to sell goods and services, but today we are growing this infotech fair as an exhibition, a chance to know, learn, and be informed. We’re also planning to have Infotech in the first week of next year.


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