sanima equity fund

Sanima Bank Limited as the Fund Sponsor and Sanima Capital Limited as the Fund Manager of Sanima Equity Fund, a 7 year close ended scheme registered under Sanima Mutual Fund, approved by Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON),is going to issue its units to the general public from 12th of Mangsir, 2074 to 15th of Mangsir, 2074. The proposed scheme size is of 120 Million units amounting Rs. 1.20 Billion with issue price of Rs. 10 per unit. 15% of the issue size units i.e. 18 Million units amounting 180 Million rupees has been reserved and allotted to the Fund Sponsor-Sanima Bank and Fund Manager- Sanima Capital as the seed capital investments. Remaining issue amount of Rs. 1.02 Billion have been aside for public issuance.

Any individual as well as institutional investors can apply for the said scheme with a minimum application amount of Rs. 1,000 and a maximum amount of 24 Million Rupees.One can apply for the said Mutual Fund Scheme via any ASBA member Bank and Financial Intuitions where investors have their bank account.

The issue size can be increased to 1.50 Billion if oversubscribed as per the prevailing Securities Laws.

About Sanima Capital Ltd.

Sanima Capital Limited, a 100% subsidiary of Sanima Bank Limited, is granted Securities Businessperson (Merchant Banker) licensed by Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON).

Currently, Sanima Capital is providing the following services:

  • Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
  • Mutual Fund Management
  • Issue Management
  • Securities Underwriting
  • Share Registrar
  • Depository Participant Services


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