Quantum Hack Program

31st August 2020, Kathmandu

Quantum Hack, the first digital fair and the largest international digital hackathon organized on August 28th and August 29th, 2020 from Nepali students in Nepal. It is organized by NxtGen under the membership of Devfolio, the largest and fastest-growing community of builders in India.

NxtGen is a Non-profit organization of Pulchowk Campus. It is arguably the largest student-run hackathon ever and largest digital international hackathon and the biggest digital fair. It was so professional, fun, and a good experience to be a part of it. More than 2500+ people were registered in our event, they were really interested.

Mr. Steve Wozniak, Cofounder of Apple, made his presence as a Special Guest and shared his experience and encourage participants and attendees. It was a dream come true to many people.

Mr. Joe Sepi from IBM was a keynote speaker. Representatives and judges from Apple, Microsoft, AWS, NASA, UN, Google were present in this event.

There were so many workshops during this entire 36-hour hackathon. From Steve Wozniak to celebrities guest and performers, games including hackathon competition was going simultaneously.

The event was hosted online and it will be streamed all through its entirety from many Facebook Pages and YouTube Page of NxtGen.

There were:

  • 1000+ Registrations for Hackathon
  • 400+ submitted for review
  • 43 Project submission
  • 36 hours long
  • 2500+ registrants as an audience
  • From 28-29 august 2020

The winners’ list is given below:

This mega event consisted of 70+ teams formed by more than 240 participants from all over the world. The participants will build technologies and applications that combat modern problems in the following six areas:

  1. Disaster Management and Preparedness: Ready For The Next Disaster
  2. Fintech: Modern Financial Services For Everyone
  3. Education: Improving Upon Traditional Methods
  4. Health and Urban Population Management: Impacting Life and Death
  5. Entertainment: The Promising Industry
  6. Open: Stretch Your Imaginations

There were category winners as well as the overall winner. They were mentored and guided by the best possible professionals. During the event, the main competition was supplemented by various workshops, games, and fun sessions. Some of the events during the hackathon are:

(i) Technical and non-technical workshops (This includes workshops in IoT, Ethical Hacking, and many more) [Note: List of events is attached in the mail.]

(ii) Online Scavenger Hunt

(iii) Awareness Programmes

(iv) Selfie Dances

(v) Quiz Competitions

(vi) Meditation and Relaxation

(vii) One to One matchmaking sessions

(viii) Singing

(ix) League Games (PUBG, Chess, Ludo)

The winners’ list is given below:

1) Disaster Winner
WeNepali: https://devfolio.co/submissions/wecare-8
2) Health Winner
Vectorr: https://devfolio.co/submissions/masked
3) Fintech Winner
B-node: https://devfolio.co/submissions/fps-fake-product-scanner
4) Education Winner
Freyja: https://devfolio.co/submissions/freyja
5) Open Winner
AltF4: https://devfolio.co/submissions/together-we-stand
Overall Winner
Vectorr: https://devfolio.co/submissions/masked


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