No one likes to stay for a long time seeing just the buffering signals in You Tube Videos or any internet services. Everyone likes to be quick and fast to see their desired videos, even though you are facing this buffering problem seriously, sometimes you even have to stay an hour to watch just minute videos that is so disgusting!. That lose your time and money both so I just come here with some effective techniques you can follow along to play You Tube Videos faster than the standard speed without buffering.

  1. At first download and install the “SmartVideo for YouTube extension” in your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Here I would go for Google Chrome since many of us prefer it.
  2. Once installation is complete then play any video of your choice on YouTube. Here you see some of the additional options under your playing video. Just move your mouse cursor in between YouTube Videos then a small rectangular box will pop up.
  3. Then after click on the”Global Preferences” at the right side of your playing video. Then Check Mark on the “Smart Buffer” Box.
  4. It will force buffer your “YouTube Videos” and enjoy the high speed video streaming experience on YouTube.

There are also many alternatives way you can follow along.

For the Flash Player use HTML 5. HTML5 uses less memory and support almost all browsers indeed. For this, enable the HTML 5 player to run videos at high speed. So, go along this link:  and enable the option “The HTML5 player is currently used when possible”.

 To decide whether HTML5 is enabled or not, just open any video and right click on it, where you see the option “About HTML5”. If it is seen then it is enabled otherwise not.

Using Google DNS:

The default DNS provides you the less bandwidth area and your internet speed gets limited over the network. You can easily change the default DNS to the Google DNS which will provide you the maximum bandwidth limit and give you the better internet speed. You can even search on your sites to see “Techniques to change Default DNS to Google DNS for Faster Internet”, it will definitely help you to quench your thrust; now enjoy your YouTube videos with fast internet access without buffering.