Rainbow Technologies Pvt. Ltd has introduced a new software in the technological market of Nepal. Rainbow Technologies, which has been an active part in the technical sector of Nepal has brought the ease of monitoring and controlling the profiles of over 100 companies with just one software. Privilege Access Management System (PAM) was recently launched on Friday by the Director of Rainbow Technologies, Arun Shrestha in an event organized at Hotel De’L Annapurna, Durbarmarg.

The software is the Privilege Access Management System that helps the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and IT Managers to manage credentials through single sign-on along with multi-factor authentication features. In an era of digitized systems, our database and applications are getting increased simultaneously. With the increase in database and applications, it’s getting more difficult to manage all IT Stack. More digital spaces, management skills, and software are needed to maintain the stacks of data that we currently have. Privilege Access Management System helps in better management and securing the IT stacks.

Nepal has just stepped into the digital era with recent news on digitized markets, e-commerce, e-governance, e-learning and almost everything going online; we need a better management system for all our data. Privilege Access Management System allows the IT Managers overlooking all these works to better function and to control the process with a single sign-on feature. PAMs well aid cloud security, authentication and identity management.

An increasing number of cyber crimes in Nepal to suggests a need for such software that can monitor and control the unauthenticated access of data. So, this step by Rainbow technologies to introduce such an integral part of the digital system for the betterment of the technology sector in Nepal is a step in the right direction.


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