Xiaomi 6 Ports Super Fast Charger

Chinese company Xiaomi is continually bringing new technology and devices to the market. Recently, Xiaomi has made a particular technology public, with which you can charge your smartphone in only 17 minutes.

Xiaomi has declared its 100-Watt super-charge turbo fast charging technology and made it available to the public. According to the company, this charger will fully charge smartphones equipped with 4,000 mAh batteries.

Recently, Huawei introduces a 55-watt charger for its foldable phone mate x.

Xiaomi’s President Lin Bin has shared a video on the Chinese social site Weibo. The video shows that a phone with 4000 mAh battery charging up to 50% in only 7 minutes from the Xiaomi’s 100W super-charge turbo fast charging technology. And this phone takes ten more minutes for charging from 50 to 100 percent.

That means that phone will be fully charged in 17 minutes with the super-charged turbo fast charging technology. This technology is twice as soon as Oppo’s super VOOC charging. The 3700 mAh battery phone will be 65 percent in 17 minutes with Oppo’s super VOOC charging.

Lu Webing, head of the Xiaomi Redmi phone, has also announced that this technology is already in conventional production and will be used for the first time in the Redmi phone, but Xiaomi has not revealed much about this technology. The release date for chargers with this technology is also not published by Xiaomi.


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