4th Feb 2022, Kathmandu

Nepal Rastra Bank has granted Hamro Patro a money remittance license. Hamro Patro remittance company Kathmandu has been granted a money remittance license by the Central Bank.

Hamro Patro has been licensed by the NRB under the Foreign Exchange (Regulation) Act 2019. This license is good until December of the following year.

Last September, Hamro Patro added the ability to send money to Nepal from overseas.

Hamro remittance had remitted 10 million or 10 million rupees to Nepal within two months of launching the service. For remittance services, the company has partnered with the respective nations’ license holders.

Users must download or update the Hamro Patro app for Android by clicking here, utilizing the Google Play Store, or going to the iOS App Store.

Hamro Patro is expanding its offerings in order to become a super app. Radio, news, calendar, horoscope, price list, astrology, and horoscope are just a few of the features included in Hamro Patro.

There are further features such as an exchange rate, stock market, gold and silver price list, the market price of vegetables, notes, and health advice.


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