Realme 5G Development

21 April 2021, Kathmandu

Global technology disrupts or realme today announced in an open letter by the CEO Sky Lithat the company is solidifying its efforts to become a “popularizer of 5G”. Skylaid out the firm’s latest plans to advance the adoption of 5G in markets with 5G infrastructure and bring the technology to maximum users worldwide.

According to Li, realme will scale up its 5G roll-out, aiming to provide a full line-up of high-performance and affordable 5G products with trend-setting designs that will make up 70% of its global portfolio within two years. The first stage includes India, Southeast Asia, and Europe as priority markets, realme will further promote5G products to additional regions, allowing more users to enjoy an enhanced experience powered by the high speed and low latency typical of 5G technology.

In addition, realme will establish seven dedicated 5G R&D teams across the globe, and allocate 90% of its R&D resources plus USD30 million exclusively for the development of 5G technology, products, and application scenarios based on the unique needs and usage habits of the younger generation – its target customer.

As the world’s 7th largest and fastest-growing smartphone company, realme is bringing its “Dare to Leap” spirit to its promotion of5G technology. Since launching its first 5G device, the X50 5G, in January 2019, realme has launched a series of5G smartphones of variable price ranges globally, driving the brand’s position as a market disruptor and leading player in the field of 5G.

The CEO’s open letter may be read as follows:

An Open Letter From Sky Li: Taking the Leap to Lead 5G Adoption

Our need to communicate and connect with each other via technology during the pandemic has further accelerated the development of 5G technology. For young people, especially, a smart, seamless, and interconnected lifestyle enabled by 5G is what they are yearning for. As a company dedicated to providing the younger generation with trendy tech products, realme believes that helping to accelerate the adoption of 5G is a crucial goal of ours and we are proud to be part of the growing 5G scene. In the 5G era, we will continue to challenge the status quo and explore new possibilities, all the while aiming for a brighter future that encompasses 5G tech.

Scaling Up 5G Smartphone Adoption

Since the launch of our first 5G smartphone in China, the X50 5G, in January 2019, realme has been one of the first movers to roll out a selection of 5G phones in the global market, creating a comprehensive product line-up covering all price ranges and making realme a leading player in the 5G mobile device sector. As a company that has disrupted the highly competitive market landscape with record growth over the past two years, we are proud to say that realme is now one of the leading players to popularize 5G smartphones worldwide.

There is still a long road ahead for 5G adoption, but we will continue to push forward, enabling even more users across the globe to experience the benefits of next-generation connectivity.

In the next two years, we expect 70% of our entire product portfolio to be supported by 5G technology, specifically targeting India, Southeast Asia, and Europe for the roll-out of our 5G products. Following these regions, we will further promote our 5G products to more than 60 markets worldwide.

Meanwhile, realme will set up 7 core R&D teams for 5G and develop 5G pilot testing plans in 10-15 markets in 2021. We will also remain committed to exploring 5G innovative technologies and products, investing 90% of our R&D resources in this area.

We understand that building a broader 5G ecosystem is key to further take-up of the technology. realme is not only a provider of 5G products; we also contribute to the construction of 5G networks by working with industry partners, such as major telecoms operators, Internet providers, and application developers to explore new high-end 5G technologies, offering users an even more rewarding 5G experience.

Empowering Gen Z with realme’s 5G Products

As digital natives who love to interact with their friends online and share content, Gen Z users are on the rise. As a company for the young, realme really understands their needs and we take a “smartphone and AIoT” dual approach to empower their interconnected lifestyles with 5G technology.

By establishing online forums about 5G with realme’s global community and having our leadership team speak to university students in person, we listen carefully to what the younger generation expects from 5G technology. In the future, we plan to set up over 10 5G pop-up stores with experience zones exclusively for young people to experience first-hand 5G technology in scenarios, such as cloud gaming and ultra HD live broadcasts with AR.

Leveraging the high-speed and low latency typical of 5G technology, realme will help young people to unlock their own imaginations as well as bringing fulfilling additions to their lifestyles. With the support of our 5G products, they will be able to enjoy better interactive experiences in application scenarios, including gaming, live broadcasting, and video streaming.

The Leap to 5G in Product Design and Performance

The transition from 4G to 5G seemed to happen in the blink of an eye but it required stringent adjustments in product design, manufacturing, network experience, processing performance, and energy consumption optimization. To address these challenges, we continue to draw on our user-centric values, while innovating and creating 5G phones that incorporate exceptional performance, trend-setting designs, and state-of-the-art features. 

Equipped with the latest 5G processor, optimized antenna design and communication modules, and improved software systems, realme offers the fastest and most stable network experience at the price range as our peers. Our 5G products also have higher compatibility to different frequency bands around the world, providing a powerful processing performance while minimizing power consumption.

In the years to come, realme will continue to drive and facilitate 5G adoption and explore new possibilities in smart and connected living via technology, creating a bright and exciting future with our users across the globe.


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