Reasons Not To Use Apple -Stallman Richard

Apple Company, known as the most leading company in technology worldwide. Apple Company is well- known for producing if iPhones, iPads, and MacBook.  Apple Company has always been in the top list while something new is created.

They are always proved to be the best company worldwide in whatever they produce and release. Apple also has great fans and customers all over the world as they have stunned the people with its products. But it’s unfortunate that Apple couldn’t even sell its computer. How is that possible?

In America’s New York, Vintage Tech Sale took place sometime before. In that sale, some of the ancient technology things were kept in an auction for sale. In which Apple’s first Computer Apple 1’s motherboard, 79 years old Television and the oldest and one and only supercomputer processor designed by Semur Cray, etc. were kept in that auction. But, it is sad to know that neither the Apple Computer was bought by anyone nor ancient television was purchased.

Apple 1 computer was mostly used to become a priceless thing.  In 1976, Apple produced its 1st lot of Apple 1 equipment, and now in the world, its only 70 pieces are left. In the auction that took place last year, Apple 1 computer was sold in 3million 65 thousand dollars, and in 2013, Apple 1 cost 9 million 5 thousand dollars.

In Monday’s auction, Apple 1’s cost started at 3 million dollars. But no one became ready to buy it at that price. Founder Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs made Apple Computer on April 1, 1976, and The Apple sold as an assembled circuit board. This might be shocking news for Apple, that no one became ready to buy it at that minimal price than before last years’. But there cray four processor was sold out in 37 thousand 5 hundred dollar.

In 1936, archaeological beard television was constructed, this television is probably not working recently, but it is a thing to be kept safely like a museum species. It needs 500 voltage of current. It was assumed that this television would be sold at a minimum price ranging from 20 thousand dollars to 30 thousand dollars, but again it is unfortunate to know that no one even had a look on this television. It looks like it was a wrong time for Apple in the auction as it’s both species was remained left during the sale.

Semur Cray was the designer of the world’s first zippy supercomputer. In 1995, he produced the design of cray 4 model o up bring the company at that time. But, unfortunately, in the following year he died in a car accident. This is the reason that his cray 4 model supercomputer processor couldn’t be used in any of the computer.

With the serial number of 001, it was expected that this processor was to be sold that the price ranging from 50 thousand to 80 thousand dollar. But again, this processor had to be sold on the decidedly less cost than the expected one. Thank god that at least one of the species from Apple Company became able to be sold out in the auction.

In an auction, other historical objects include German’s Enigma Machine’s starting edition, the manuscript written by Albert Einstein, the machine which was used during the Civil War in America for sending and receiving telegraph and many other things.

Reading this thing, we get to know that the company is very much successful, that doesn’t mean anything they keep for the auction will be sold easily every time. Apple Company better has luck next time.