5G networks could be vulnerable to snooping

4th July 2019 Kathmandu

Many places in Nepal still don’t have proper access to the fourth generation of networks (4G). However, this doesn’t stop the world-renowned communication companies to develop, test and implement the latest generation of networks, the 5G network. Many smartphone companies have already started the manufacturing of phone supporting 5G networks.

South Korea based mobile manufacturing company, Samsung has already developed smartphones supporting 5G, whereas other companies are in the race to manufacture the 5G supporting smartphone. A few Chinese mobile manufacturers have also mentioned that they’ll be producing smartphones that work on 5G network communication.

However, recent research might break the hearts of many people waiting for these smartphones. The research claims that user data can be easily hacked on a 5G network. Technical University of Berlin,  ETH Zurich, and SINTEF Digital Nor way published the research paper that shows possibilities of user’s privacy being violated on a 5G network.

The vulnerability allows hackers to steal data from 5G airwaves such as calls, text messages sent and many more. The researchers tested these methods to hack data from a 4G network, but strongly believe that a 5G network is more vulnerable.

The fifth generation of networks was supposedly designed to have higher security protocols, but the research might prove otherwise. 5G is supposed to launch at the end of 2019, and such reports way ahead of its actual release create double-thoughts on every user’s mind. According to the research, the smartphones can’t be connected to a 5G cellular network without exposing it to the threat of being hacked through the network.


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