Mobile Protection Plan in Butwal Palpa and Pokhara

3rd July 2019, Kathmandu

‘Mobile Protection Plan’ presented by “Mero Surakhsya” is being extended to three cities outside Kathmandu Valley. You may remember this plan since Rajesh Hamal is the company’s brand ambassador.

Mero Surakhsya’sbranches are established at Butwal, Pokhara, and Palpa. In co-operation with Premier Insurance, Mero Surakhsya had brought mobile insurance service to Nepali users here in Kathmandu and became famous very soon.

The company says that the mobile protection plan is benefiting millions of mobile users and people in the business. Mero Surakhsya’s CEO, Prem Sunwar noted that after the massive success of the company in Kathmandu, Birjung, and Chitwan, the services are being extended to the western region of Nepal so that maximum users can enjoy the protection plans presented by the company. They’re also planning to set up branches at Dharan, Itahari, and Biratnagar after getting a positive response from their customers.

The company records mention that within such a short time of its establishment, the company has already got over 50 thousand customers using the mobile protection plan. Mero Surakhsyaalso says that two hundred users subscribe to the project daily. Mero Surakhsya’sprovides Rs. 1 Lakh of insurance to the subscribers of Mobile protection plan.

In case a mobile phone registered to the plan is damaged, stolen, or lost, the users get new phones according to their mobile strategy. The added facility of data recovery in case of a lost phone is also available in the subscription. If a mobile phone is damaged due to any natural calamities, the data will be recovered and put in the new phones provided to the users.

To subscribe to this plan, the customers need to submit 5% of their free cost to the company annually. Then they can activate the mobile protection plan from an app of the company that is easily available on the Google Play store or the app store for iOS devices.


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