The Robotics Club of Kathmandu Engineering College is organizing a 2-day workshop termed as “Robotics Orientation for Beginners”. This event is mainly focused on the students from Electronics, Computer and Electrical department from all over the country. Any person interested in robotics and embedded systems can participate in this event.

This event mainly focuses on building a robot from scratch that would be capable of being controlled manually and autonomously. The participants will be provided with the knowledge, from the working of a transistor to the working of a microcontroller. Every minor detail required for building a “DIY Robot” will be made clear through this event. The senior members of the Robotics Club will be involved in teaching the students about the importance and application of robots in our practical life.

There are no prerequisites for the students to participate in this program. This event will completely focus the students who are beginners in the field of robotics and embedded systems.

Apart from the orientation and workshop on building robots, the participants will be provided with the instructions on building a practicable robot for our upcoming event “Robodrift 5.0”. The details of the national robotics competition, Robodrift 5.0 will be shared to the participants in this program and the students will also be guided properly to build an efficient robot for the competition.

Also, the orientation of racing competition “Robo GP 2.0” by Electronics Project Club Will be done on the same day.

Date: July 19 and 20, 2017
Registration fee: Rs. 100
Venue: Kathmandu Engineering College, Kalimati, Kathmandu


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