DWIT Job Fair

18th May 2022, Kathmandu

Following the successful completion of three iterations of the IT Job Fair in 2017, 2018, and 2019, Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT), one of Nepal’s prestigious IT institutes, is preparing for the fourth edition of the event, named DWIT Job Fair 2022. The event is set for, May 29 at the Deerwalk Complex in Sifal, Kathmandu.

About DWIT

DWIT News is proud to be Nepal’s first and only online daily completely managed and run by college students. It was founded on March 2, 2014, by Hitesh Karki, Nikita Gautam, and Ashmita Kunwar. It is registered with the Department of Information Nepal. The company, under the name D.W.I.T News, www.dwitnews.com, is registered with the Office of Company Registrar on 6th May 2016.

What is DWIT Job Fair?

DWIT Career Fair is an annual IT Job Fair event hosted by DWIT with the primary goal of bringing together Nepali IT/Software firms and students to bridge the gap between the prerequisites and requirements for a job in the IT/Software sector.

The DWIT Job Fair’s first, second, and third editions were all a big success. The event was attended by some of Nepal’s largest IT businesses, including Deerwalk, Vianet, Verscend, Log point, and many others.

The event drew 22 businesses from the software sector in 2018. The event drew around 1500 people, the majority of whom were college grads and students searching for internships. According to the organizers, 109 of the 1500+ registrants were placed, while 341 were called for the second round of interviews.

The organizers hope to expect the same passionate involvement from Nepalese software businesses and IT students this year.

How do I participate in Job fair?

Participants should confirm their participation in the event by registering their names and other information

provided in the registration form. You will have to submit an updated resume.

Is it necessary to register?

Yes, it is necessary to register for the event. While interested people can drop by but priority will be given to registered users. Further, it is much easier to share your details and resume if needed with prospective companies.

Is it guaranteed that I will get the job?

If there is a perfect match between your skillset and the kind of resource the company is looking for, you certainly will get a job. However, there cannot be a guarantee.

How can we know which company is suitable for us?

We would suggest keeping track of all the companies. However, since it is only a one-day event, you could select 2 to 3 companies where you would like to interview.

How many companies are going to be there?

There will be more than a dozen leading software companies in Nepal along with many startups.

How to register for the DWIT Job Fair 2019?

In order to register for the event, visit the job fair at https://bit.ly/3FAzFSF.

Is the registration free?

Registration is FREE!


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