Chairman of Hamro Patro

28th October 2021, Kathmandu

Rudra Pandey, Ph.D., a pioneer in Nepal’s software industry and one of the most successful Nepali entrepreneurs in the United States, has been appointed chairman of the board of directors of Hamro Patro, Inc., a Delaware-registered corporation in the United States.

Hamro Patro has recently surpassed 10 million mobile app downloads, and the team is delighted to welcome Rudra Pandey to its ranks.

Rudra Pandey will now work collaboratively with Shankar Uprety, Hamro Patro’s founder and CEO, and the senior management team to plan the company’s next steps.

In 2010, Hamro Patro began as a simple calendar tool; today, it is a household name and one of Nepal’s largest mobile platforms, offering access to Nepali calendars, news, radio streaming, astrology services, and other features.

Rudra Pandey is a Nepalese entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in the information technology industry. He is the founder and CEO of Deerhold Ltd., an American firm that provides software development and IT services to clients worldwide.

In addition, he is the founder and chairman of the Deerwalk Institute of Technology. Before this, he founded Deerwalk Inc., which Cedar Gate Technologies acquired in December 2020.

“I am ecstatic to welcome Rudra Dai to Hamro Patro. I’m looking forward to collaborating with Rudra Dai again. Rudra Dai was my mentor in D2Hawkeye for over six years, and I hold him in high regard. “It’s an incredible opportunity for us to have him as our leader,” Shankar Uprety said.

“Shankar is a true businessman and gentleman. During the early years of his career, he matured under my supervision. He has created a great business. His company, in my opinion, is the first unicorn to emerge from Nepal.

“I’m excited to work with Shankar and his incredible team to make this household name even more successful and bigger,” Rudra Pandey said.

“I’m overjoyed and honoured, We will take one day at a time and do incredible things for Nepal, our employees, and our shareholders,”  Pandey said in a Facebook status update.

About Hamro Patro

Hamro Patro assists millions of Nepalis around the world in staying connected to Nepal and Nepali culture. Hamro Patro began in 2010 as a simple calendar tool; today, it is a household name and one of Nepal’s largest mobile platforms, providing access to Nepali calendars, news, radio streaming, astrology services, and so on.

In English, the literal translation of “Hamro” is “Our,” and “Patro” is “calendar.” As a result, “Hamro Patro” translates to “our calendar.” It was the first app to feature a Nepali calendar. They began as a Nepali calendar mobile phone app. Still, They later added newer features such as a Nepali FM radio player, Nepali News, trending Nepali videos, birth chart, horoscope, Forex, Nepali gold/silver prices, Vegetable prices, etc.

In its current state, Hamro Patro is a lifestyle and productivity app that assists Nepali mobile phone users in simplifying their day-to-day activities.

As the app’s description suggests, they provide a 360-degree view of Nepal and Nepali lifestyle wherever you are in the world.

Hamro Patro is available in Nepali, Nepal, Bhasa, Bhojpuri, Maithili, and English. Hamro Patro is freely accessible for Android, iOS as a web app, and a Chrome extension.

Major features of Hamro Patro are, Nepali calendar; the calendar contains important dates and events in Nepal. FM Radio, Provides a list of hundreds of Nepali radio stations, with the option to personalize the radio station list.

News,  Breaking news, and a collection of news from Nepal’s top online portals such as BBC Nepali, Annapurna Post, and others. Hamro Audio produces audio podcasts. Videos include entertainment, sports, and news.

The NRB determines the foreign exchange rate (Nepal Rastra Bank), Prices for gold and silver, Kundali (birth chart), and Kundali Blog, Rashifal (horoscope), and Literature App widgets for your websites, including a date converter and a calendar widget.

Some of the other apps from Hamro Patro are Nepali Keyboard, Nepali dictionary, Hamro News and Magazine, Ludo game, Hamro Cards (call break and Jutpatti).

Hamro Patro has recently been actively promoting its new Hamro Patro Health, enabling users to pay for an online appointment with a doctor and then video call for a consultation.

Hamro Patro has recently launched a remittance service as well as a Nepali date reminder service.


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