Russian Targeted Americans on Social Media to Steal Data

The relationship between the America and Russia is very fragile. Russians have said since the beginning of the Cold War that they would be able to defeat America without firing a single bullet. Russian targeted Americans on Social Media to Steal Data. It is a mission to yield personal information according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Russians sent tailored messages carrying malware to more than 10,000 Twitter users in the Defense Department. When clicked, the links took the users to a Russian controlled server that downloads the program.

It allows Russians hackers to take control of the victim’s phone or computer and also the twitter account. Russians used names like “BlackMattersUS” and “Black4Black”. From which they set up hundreds of accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, The Russians target Americans to steal data and information on social media platforms like of Facebook and Twitter.

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A Recent Russian Activity

A Recent Russian Activity on social media during the election is to weaken America’s form of government. But, One in four voters is considering to stay away from the polls in America due to fears of cybersecurity.

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Hilary Clinton was the target of opportunity for the Russians in the 2016 election the reports have suggested. Russia used thousands of human agents and robot programs. They spread disinformation showing their effect. The Russians goal was not to elect Donald Trump. But, their strategic goal was to disrupt the American society, feeling of unity and their faith in a constitution of the country. The Russians are trying to do these sorts of activities for over 50 years.

Furthermore, Google has detected ad-buying activity. Of unknown scope on YouTube, Gmail and it’s search engine though nothing has made public. The Russian imposters have also detected on Instagram, Twitter and even Pokemon Go.

Facebook said 3000 ads purchased by Russian trolls with a reach of around 10,000. But now that number has increased to 80,000 ads. So, Facebook and Twitter have made efforts to counter nation-state exploitation. A Facebook officially had shut down several hundreds of accounts.

In conclusion, Both the social media platforms are learning how to tackle this but they both appear very late in the game. An effective technique for monitoring the IP address of suspect accounts, looking for the key indicators of actors. They focused on people who don’t speak English as their first language. Twitter and Facebook should publish trending information about bots and bad information. These users can see what’s trending is legit or junk. Both Facebook and Twitter are studying the 2016 experience and making the measures defend them.


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