Samsung Galaxy A72 Giveaway

5th July 2021, Kathmandu

Opportunity for Prabhu Pay users to win Samsung Galaxy A72 from air buds. In today’s context, online transactions in Nepal have been on the rise recently.

PrabhuPAY provides you services like Hospital OPD ticketing, flight and bus ticketing, Movie ticketing, Specified Event ticketing, and Digital application form.

You can book tickets online and also make payments for them. It’s just that easy with a simple click from PrabhuPAY Wallet App.

Under this, while trading through Prabhu Pay Wallet, an offer has been put forward to win various gifts along with Samsung Galaxy A72. The ‘Pay, Share and Win’ scheme will run for three months.

Digital Wallet Prabhu pay has come up with a new plan to bring more incentives to online businesses.

The company has come up with this plan with the plan of providing gifts to the customers along with the business.

The company expects a significant increase in the number of active users as well as transactions and wallet connections.

According to the company, in order to participate in this scheme, the KYC of Lord Wallet needs to be verified first.

At the same time, the user must do a transaction. The transaction amount should be more than Rs.49.

This transaction should have taken place between June 1 and September 1. Also, you will have to share the post of this plan on Prabhu Pay’s Facebook page publicly on your wall.

Based on that, users will be able to get prizes like Air Bird, Smartwatch, Bluetooth Speaker, Digital Thermos, Tablet, etc. through Lucky Draw every 15 days.

Similarly, the final prize is the Samsung Galaxy A72. The winner will be announced through the lucky draw in the last week of the scheme, the company said.


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