Smart TVs that has ability to switch between cable channel and streaming media. Without using separate remote or changing inputs. The integrated channel guide on TVs helps to checkout what’s on streaming media and traditional channel.
The TVs also consist of game console for your new videos games and the TV can control other gadgets so that it can turn on lights and check your Camera and available in bezel less curved design as well as ultra HD screen with extreme level of light contrast.

The “Family Hub Refrigerator” is a smart refrigerator that consist of 21.5 inch HD screen that can use for browse internet write notes play music and even shop let you can direct order items form shop . The equipment connected at fridge with internet connected camera to check who is opening the door. The camera takes the picture of items every time you close door so it can use view using app later while you are at grocery shop.

Samsung is going to lunch a new Blu Ray Player with ultra HD definition. The company is going to sell this product around march.
A new ultra high-definition Blu-Ray player — the first of its kind — will go on sale in March, around the same time that movies like “The Martian,” “The Peanuts Movie,” and “Mad Max: Fury Road” will be available in the format.

In this year Samsung Gear S2 smart watches works on IOS devices and Available in different new color.

New Notebook 9 will be weight of less than 2 pound and Super Thin.