Awesome Chrome Google Tips And Tricks

Google Chrome the most used browser which promises speed, security, and simplicity for its users. We can do a lot more things in  Chrome than just visit websites. This article takes a look at some functionality.

We can sign with multiple accounts

There may be a condition that we have to use more than one Google account at a time like a personal account and office account. We have to sign out one and again sign in another. But in chrome, if you sign in once it is possible to use another account without a sign out first one. Means easy to switch between different account.

Installation of apps for offline use

Chrome provides facility to install different apps on it as like in the os. While which can easily use for our different task.

There are many apps developed for chrome that can be used at offline mode which does not require active internet connection such as Gmail Google drive etc. This kind of apps is beneficial for those who are likely to travel more outside in bus or train.