Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Launched in Nepal

22 December 2019, Kathmandu

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, which is supposed to be an upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Active Watch released 6 months ago seems quite similar to its predecessor. The watch is quite slim, minimal and has a great modern look.

Although it looks quite similar to the previous version of the watch, it still packs enough features to compete with rivals such as Fitbits and Apple Watches. The additional features included in the Active 2 version of Samsung’s sport watch makes it quite expensive than its predecessor.

It’s available in two variants, the Bluetooth model and the Bluetooth + LTE variant. A 768 MB RAM is present in the Bluetooth model and a 1.5 GB RAM in the Bluetooth + LTE version. Additionally, the sizes of the watch decide the price, the 40mm watch costs $279.99 and the 44mm version costs $299.99. The 40mm version comes with a battery of 247 mAh whereas the 44mm variant has a 340 mAh battery backup. These are prices for the Bluetooth model of the watch since the cost of Bluetooth + LTE version is yet to be revealed.

The major upgrade that the Watch Active 2 has is the rotating bezel which was a disappointing factor in the Galaxy Watch Active. The Watch Active 2 houses a touch-sensitive black border of the screen that acts as a bezel which the company is referring to as the Digital Bezel.

Another crucial feature to be included in the Active 2 version of the watch is the ECG(electrocardiogram) to detect the electrical and rhythmic activity of the heart. This feature will be included once the company gets FDA approval.

The device runs on a Tizen-based platform and is compatible with both Android and iOS, however, the users opting to choose iOS phones to sync with the watch will lack out on some features.


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