Samsung Lucky Draw Winners

17th November 2021, Kathmandu

Samsung’s ‘Khusiyali Ajhai Jhalkinchha, Jaba Haat Maa Sikka Talkinchha’ Offer’s Second Lucky Draw Concluded 21 lucky winners selected

Samsung, a leading mobile and consumer electronics brand in Nepal, has completed the2nd lucky draw of their offer ‘Khusiyali Ajhai Jhalkinchha, Jaba Haat Maa Sikka Talkinchha’, where 21 winners have been awarded 5 grams of gold coin each.

The winners of this offer are chosen through a lucky draw process, the first of which has been concluded on November 16, 2021.

The first lucky has been done for the period from November 6 to November 12.

To participate in this offer, each participant has to purchase a Samsung smartphone or a Tab within the given time period and text the serial number of the purchased product along with typing Samsung, at 31003, i.e. ‘Samsung xxxxxxxxxxx.’

The lucky draw done on Nov 16 includes the customers who sent in the serial number of their Samsung products within the period of November 6-12.

The lucky draw process of winner selection will be live-streamed on Samsung’s Facebook page every Tuesday for the upcoming 3 weeks in the future.

For this week’s lucky draw, a huge number of customers sent in their entries, and amongst them, the lucky 21 serial numbers winning 5-gram gold coin each are:




4: RZCR908F0EY

5: RZ8R900TGWK

6: R9ZR90Q0D7V


8: RZ8R90LL06P


10: RZ8R821VA3A

11: RZ8RA14F8JV

12: RZ8RA0Y03QT

13: RZ8RA11K10V

14: R9ZR90RNM4B

15: R9ZR90QN8KB


17: R9ZR90PZ8RD


19: RZ8R90WQ11J

20: RZ8R903S85B

21: RZ8RA11B5QF

The winning serial numbers will also be posted on Samsung’s Facebook page, and winners are requested to present the required documents within 7 days to claim their prize.

“It is our goal to maintain and keep a good relationship with our customers, and that is why we have commenced the 5-gram gold coin offer for our beloved customers.

The excitement that the customers have shown towards this offer and the participation has made us really delighted.

We want to congratulate all the winners of this week’s lucky draw and encourage our customers to participate in upcoming days as well,” said the Director of Samsung Nepal, Mr. Pranaya Ratna Sthapit, in a statement.

The offer to win the 5-gram gold coin is valid till November 30th, and new customers who have purchased a Samsung smartphone or Tab are encouraged to participate.


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