Patan Hospital Sign Sanima Bank

28 Feb 2021, Kathmandu

The agreement between Sanima Bank and Patan Hospital for the treatment of women with low financial status has been renewed. 

Under the arrangement, the bank provided assistance to low-income women for the treatment of up to Rs 20,000 per person.

The bank deposited money in the women’s social fund at the rate of Rs 1 per month on behalf of the bank for each ‘women’s savings account.’

The Bank has renewed its agreement with Patan Hospital to invest the amount raised on women’s upliftment.

The Chief Executive Officer of Bhuvan Kumar Dahal Bank and the Director of Prof. Dr. Ravi Shakya Hospital have signed the agreement.

The bank currently has 86 branches, 16 extended counters, and 92 ATMs in all the provinces.


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