Sanima bank

19th September 2023, Kathmandu

Sanima Bank Customers arranged to provide discounts at Frontline Hospital located at Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu to encourage customers to use digital platforms for making payments.

Under this arrangement, customers can avail of various discounts on the services of the hospital while making payments through the Sanima Debit/Credit card and Sanima Mobile Banking App (QR Scan). Customers can enjoy the discount of 13% on OPD/IPD (registration, lab, radiology) service and all charges related to bed, 7% on pharmacy, and 5% on surgery services.

Sanima Bank Customers

Likewise, the bank has been offering various discounts and offers to encourage customers to make maximum use of digital platforms for payments. Details of discounts are available on Sanima Bank’s official website: Click Here.

Sanima Bank is providing banking services from 132 offices and 123 ATM networks in all 7 provinces.


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