SATKAR App Inauguration

15th June 2021, Kathmandu

Satkar mobile app is an innovative solution powered by The Peak Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. and developed by Nepal Ultimate Solutions (NUS) to address challenges in the hospitality industry.

The pandemic took its toll on most industries, and hospitality is one of the many that’s still struggling to recover from it.

After various brainstorming sessions and long hours of planning, capable minds at The Peak Hospitality came up with the idea of Satkar – a touch-free solution to revive the hospitality sector.

Satkar is an attempt to introduce a brand of international standards in the hospitality sector of Nepal. With the idea that safety is a new luxury, the Satkar team believes that a touch-free solution is how tourism can survive in the future.

About Satkar mobile app

This innovative Nepali product addresses the 7 touchpoints for guests from their arrival to departure. These touchpoints are:

  • Reservation
  • Arrival
  • In-house stay
  • In-house utility and amenities
  • Billing
  • Departure
  • Review

Users can navigate through a smooth and automated customer journey through the mobile app without manual intervention in any of these touchpoints.

Depending on the hotel size and capacity, every operation can be automated from the mobile app.

Touch-free solution to ensure safety

From turning the air conditioning and paying for the stay to filing complaints and ordering hotel vehicles, Satkar mobile app eliminates human contact to ensure safety.

Reduction of hotel operation ratio by one-fourth

Even with no or lesser human intervention, the mobile app increases hotel operation efficiency and reduces operation ratio by one-fourth.

With error-free and quick performance, the app aims to uplift hotels struggling in terms of operating costs.

Satkar mobile app is the answer for hotel owners and management staff looking to restart after the pandemic.

Customizable management system

Satkar also combines the features of a Property Management System (PMS) because it is highly customizable. It can cater to the operation of a 20-rooms hotel to a 5-star hotel.

The ability to automate all tasks from booking to departure makes it different from other popular booking portals.

Usage and security

When privacy is a priority, the mobile app follows international safety parameters to keep the personal credentials of guests secure.

Satkar allows usage on both ends – user and admin. On the admin side, the app can systematically manage hotel operations such as:

  • Food & beverage
  • Industry division
  • Accounts
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & marketing
  • Engineering division

There are different views in the management system for staff depending on the authorization, which means improved security.

The capable team at NUS is in charge of providing support.

Other features

Satkar, a hotel management system, can facilitate real-time monitoring and inventory management for hotels. Its features include managers report generation, room service automation, IRD verified billing system, streamlined accounts, customized check-in/check-out templates, etc.


Satkar mobile app is a Nepali innovative product that has great potential in the international market. Plans to promote the system in the foreign hospitality market are in the pipeline.

Download the app on Play Store.

About The Peak Hospitality

The Peak Hospitality is a private limited company registered under the company act to provide innovative, practical, and profitable methods of improving the way hotel properties are operated.

The company provides customized independent hotel management solutions to fit clients’ unique needs. The team comprises professionals and experts in different segments of hospitality overseeing the hotels, technical support, and pre-opening scope of services.


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