One after another there is many ISPs who are prioritizing the websites and services for vested interested. According to the FCC Regulation, No ISP can prioritize one website over the other. In the context of the internet, every packet is equal. When an ISP Provides a service for free, it’s not free.

Users will be trading the free service with a huge amount of personal data and privacy to the Service provider. No ISP can track the packets that users are communicating. To raise awareness and discuss the possible violation of net neutrality, its advantages, and disadvantages, a group of IT Enthusiasts are organizing a Panel Discussion.

This Panel Discussion will focus on how ISPs violate the net neutrality, how ISPs take benefits from so-called free services and discuss the IT policy of Nepal in the context of net neutrality. This event is not in favor or against of vested interest of any ISP. Rather this is against the violation of net
neutrality and the disadvantages that can bring in the local economy and IT sector.

The event will start from 10 AM to 12 PM in Moksha, Jhamshikhel
The event will have the following guests:

Ananda Raj Khanal Director Nepal Telecommunications Authority

Bibhusan Bista CEO Young Innovations

Tanka Aryal Secretary Internet Society of Nepal (ISOC)

Prabin Subedi Lawyer Paramount Legal

Saroj Lamichhane Security Expert Rigo Technologies

Hempal Shrestha Moderator FOSS Nepal

The Event is free of cost.


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