18th September 2022, Kathmandu

The Securities Board of Nepal has requested applications for new stock exchanges and new brokers. The board issued a notification on Sunday asking for applications.

Under the Securities Act, 2063, and the rules, guidelines, and other applicable laws made under it, the organizations that are qualified according to the Securities Act and Regulations and are willing to operate the securities market must apply within the next 45 days.

Likewise, organizations that are willing to engage in the securities business as securities brokers and securities traders, and who have qualified according to the Securities Act and Regulations, shall apply to the Board within three days, as specified in the Securities Traders Regulations, 2064, with an application, application form, details and documents attached.

The Board has published a notice to apply within 45 days for interested organizations who are qualified to operate the commodity exchange market under the Commodity Exchange Act, 2074, and the rules and regulations made under it and other prevailing laws.

The board has said that no action will be taken on the applications that are not duly submitted or that have come past the deadline or that have been submitted with any conditions.

It has also informed that all the rights to whether approve the application or not will be with the board.


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