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13th April 2021, Kathmandu

Security Startup Verkada’s Surveillance Cameras at Tesla, Hundreds of More Businesses Breached

A small group of hackers viewed live and archived surveillance footage from hundreds of businesses including Tesla by gaining administrative access to camera maker Verkada over the past two days, one of the people involved in the breach told Reuters.

Verkada’s customers included carmaker Tesla, software provider Cloudfare, jails, hospitals, people’s homes, other offices, and more. Swiss software developer Tillie Kottmann, who has gained attention for finding security flaws in mobile apps and other systems, shared with Reuter’s recordings from inside a Tesla factory in China and a showroom in California. Additional footage came from an Alabama jail, hospital rooms, a police interview area, and a community gym.

Swiss software developer Tillie Kottmann, who has gained attention for finding security flaws in mobile apps and other systems, shared screenshots on Twitter from inside a Tesla warehouse in California and an Alabama jail in messages to Reuters. Kottmann declined to identify other members of the group.

Kottmann said they sought to draw attention to the pervasive monitoring of people after having found login information for Verkada’s administrative tools publicly online this week.


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