Segway Electric Scooters

3rd August 2023, Kathmandu

iHub Pvt. Ltd., the distinguished technology and mobility company and authorized distributor of Segway-Ninebot in Nepal, is thrilled to unveil an innovative 0% Financing Service for Segway Electric scooters.

This service marks a significant step towards making these advanced personal mobility solutions accessible to all, without the encumbrance of interest rates.

Aligned with its strong commitment to sustainable transportation alternatives, Segway’s 0% Financing Service is poised to empower individuals across Nepal to realize their dream of owning an electric scooter. This remarkable offer encompasses all Segway models, from the well-received N100 and E100 to the E110L and E125, ensuring a diverse array of cutting-edge options to cater to various preferences.

Designed with the customer’s convenience in mind, the 0% Financing Service offers flexible EMI plans spanning up to 18 months. This affords riders a seamless and affordable ownership experience, transforming their Segway Electric scooter purchase into a prudent and gratifying investment.

In addition to its customer-centric approach, Segway is pleased to enhance the purchase by including a valuable bundle of complimentary accessories. Each scooter package incorporates a helmet, scooter cover, raincoat, and one-year annual maintenance, elevating the overall value proposition.

Recognizing the unique needs of its customers, Segway proudly presents an enticing exchange offer, enabling individuals to trade in their existing scooters for a brand-new Segway Electric scooter. This initiative is tailored to each customer’s income source, ensuring a personalized and hassle-free transition to scooter ownership.

The realization of the 0% Financing Service is made possible through collaborative efforts with esteemed financial institutions including NIC Asia Bank, Machhapuchhare Bank, and Tapai Ko Bazar. This partnership embodies a shared vision of promoting eco-friendly urban mobility and contributing to a greener future for Nepal.

About Segway Electric Scooters

For over two decades, Segway has emerged as a global leader in providing personal transportation solutions that enrich the mobility and independence of riders worldwide. With extensive industry experience, Segway remains steadfast in delivering innovative and dependable solutions that cater to the dynamic demands of today’s world.

Present in over 80 countries and regions, Segway-Ninebot’s renowned intellectual property continues to inspire the development of cutting-edge products, propelling users and the entire industry into the future.

In summary, the introduction of Segway’s 0% Interest Financing Service for electric scooters by iHub Pvt. Ltd. paves the way for a new era of affordable and sustainable personal mobility in Nepal.

With a diverse range of models, flexible payment plans, and complimentary accessories, this offering reinforces Segway’s commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction and promoting environmentally conscious transportation solutions.


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