Hamroartha Anniversary

3rd August 2023, Kathmandu

Warmest congratulations to hamroartha.com, Fearless Economic Journalism on reaching the impressive milestone of its second-year anniversary as a trailblazing Economic News Portal!

Throughout these two years, hamroartha.com has fearlessly pioneered the world of financial journalism, consistently delivering reliable and empowering economic news coverage to its readers.

Your dedication and commitment have positioned you as a true leader in the field, and we look forward to the continued growth and impactful contributions that lie ahead.

Gratitude for Support (Fearless Economic Journalism)

As Hamroartha.com celebrates its second anniversary, heartfelt appreciation is extended to valued readers, advertisers, and supporters from various sectors of the economy. Private enterprises including banks, financial institutions, and corporate entities have played a crucial role in bolstering the platform’s journey.

From the outset, Hamroartha.com has remained dedicated to the principles of fair and responsible journalism.

The unwavering support received during this energetic phase of growth fuels the platform’s conviction that it will continue to earn the affection and endorsement of its audience in the future.

A Lesson in Resilience (Fearless Economic Journalism)

Amidst the challenges of the human experience, the platform has drawn strength from the love, unity, unwavering faith, and consistent backing it has received. This support has not only propelled Hamroartha.com forward in its journalistic endeavors but has also instilled a sense of responsibility and caution.

Constructive suggestions and well-wishes from stakeholders have contributed to a deeper sense of commitment and fearlessness within the platform’s journalism.

Mission and Vision

Hamroartha.com’s core mission is rooted in presenting factual and realistic news through an analytical lens. Its purpose extends beyond reporting to connecting different facets of Nepali society and driving toward prosperity while addressing distortions. Economic journalism is seen as a means to champion good governance, challenge economic irregularities, and combat corruption.

The platform envisions itself as a vessel of financial information and news, with the goal of facilitating Nepal’s transformation into a developed nation.

This ambition extends from policymakers to entrepreneurs, believing that the platform’s news and in-depth content will significantly contribute to the country’s progress.

Acknowledgment and Apology

The platform acknowledges the invaluable capital of steadfast supporters who have guided its journey. In its pursuit of creating an aware and equitable society, Hamroartha.com expresses regret if anyone is inadvertently affected by its news content.

The platform extends heartfelt gratitude to its readership, advertisers, and guiding voices that continue to support its quest for a more just and accessible society.


As Hamroartha.com enters its third year, it stands tall as a symbol of resolute journalism in Nepal’s economic landscape. With an unwavering dedication to its mission and vision, the platform’s impact is poised to resonate even further.

Here’s to a future where Hamroartha.com continues to illuminate the path to progress, empower voices, and contribute to Nepal’s development journey.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Hamro Artha!


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