SEO Manager Of Nepal.

My birthplace is at Bijuwar, Pyuthan. From my childhood I would love to work at technical field. This childhood curiosity leads me to gain further knowledge in the field. So, I went to get training at SEO Step Pvt. Ltd, Delhi. After completion of my training for 2 years I came to Nepal and thought to improvise my Knowledge at my own country.

Currently I am working as a manager of SEO & Analytics at Maple leap Groups where my team performs SEO for over 500 clients. I have successfully achieved first position results for more than 1000 websites during my professional career.

pradip khanal

1. What is your current position at IT company?

Currently, I am employed as SEO Manager at Mapale Leap Groups Pvt. Ltd. It is a Canadian Based Website Hosting, Development and SEO Company.

2. What is SEO?

In simple terminology it is the segregation of market in terms of keywords. It is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is a marketing technique where promotion and advertisement of websites are done with the main focus on keywords. It is a process where a website is made eligible to come up at the top pages of major Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing when people search for required information.

In the context of Nepal, SEO is a new topic in the public discussion. Very few people know about its importance. People who are well informed about SEO use it as a Potential marketing tool for their business growth. SEO can help with reputation management and brand protection, and become a defense strategy plus an attack plan for Business development and growth.

3. What is the value By the help of SEO, Can we minimize the unemployment of the Nation.

Certainly, we can minimize the unemployment of the Nation through SEO. In the current situation too it has been providing employment to many people. With the current trend of using internet at enormous level many Business are involved in SEO investments. There are many business who are frequently investing in gaining attention at the internet to promote, sale their services.

So as long as the internet business grows creation of employment opportunities increases in the same flow. SEO has helped a lot of local business to gain attention at the international market. Many Travel Sectors, Manpower Agencies, Real Estate sectors etc. are expanding their business by implementing SEO as their marketing technique.

So directly and indirectly it has been playing its role for generating employment opportunities in our country.

4. Online Marketing and SEO are the Same things? Yes or No. Give reasons.

If it is considered from a singular aspect then yes online marketing and SEO both are the same things because both of them has a prime motive of promoting and advertising. Also, SEO is a part of online marketing.

But as a whole SEO is completely different from online marketing as, marketing sets it’s goal to only promotion, sales and advertisement of products. SEO focuses on providing the whole information which exactly matches the queries of concerned targeted audience.

5. What are the functions of SEO? What are the basics methods of SEO ?

Mainly there are two basic methods of SEO. One Onpage and another Offpage. In the Onpage process technical works are carried out. It includes Meta Title, Description, Keywords, XML site, Maps fixing errors and many more.

All the process are carried out with in the website premises. And in the other hand Offpage methods are carried out outside the website premises. The purpose is to maintain the weight of external links in the major search engines along with image building, maintaining online reputation, promoting and advertising so that the website reaches to the relevant people.

6. How it comes in front of the page?

We must follow the guidelines provided by major Search Engines. There are set of rules and regulations to perform SEO activities. These set of rules and regulation are updated in regular manner to meet the needs of user search results.

In the process, the algorithm of search engines updates frequently as per the current trend of User Searches. Performing SEO activities within the set of guidelines at a proper way helps a website to come up at the front pages of major search engines.

7. What are the methods to grow the business through SEO?

SEO plays its role in website reputation and creating positions in the Internet, which actually helps in business growth. Traditional business methods needed to pursue its customers which needs a lot of money, time and effort.

These methods can be expensive and also effectiveness is not certain. Whereas, SEO effectiveness can be evaluated. Through SEO, Strategy business can drive sales traffic to your business and convince new visitors to become paying customers.

8. What exactly means online job Will you please share us your habit on use of social media?  & Do you have anything to share with your fans through ICT  Frame ?

Online job Firms hire people to perform certain tasks as per the requirement of their clients. They are posted online with requirements needed to complete the tasks. With the required skill level of tasks, jobs are separated. Designers, Programmers, SEO, Content Writers, Social media marketers etc. are some of the popular designated Jobs online. People who have such skills can easily get hired and earn money working from their home.

Twitter, Linked, Facebook, Google plus are some of the social media website that I use frequently. I use them for my personal use but Mostly, I use these social media websites to promote my Clients business. As they are efficient and non-costly methods to reach the potential clients I use them as one of my marketing Tool.

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