Google has been doing so many things we don’t even know about. We are only aware of those things that are much discussed about Google and those which we use in our daily life.

Have you heard about the Google car?

If some ask this, so many are unaware about it as they are not discussed much. But if you ask people about the version of Android Google is going to launch, most of them are aware of it.

So it’s about what we discuss in everyday life. Android has been able to reach most of the people, and the competition between mobile OS may also be the reason for Android versions being more careful about.

Here we have included some things that Google has been doing and has done this year including the ones we know, and we don’t know:


1. Google working on bringing Android to the desktop:

Google has been working to make Android Apps compatible with any machine that can run the Chrome browser. The tools name is Arc Welder. It serves as a wrapper for apps designed for smartphones or Tablets, allowing them to run in a desktop environment. It was targeted for Chrome OS but not it has extends its compatibility to chrome browser. It is going to very helpful as the payments and integration with maps can be done quickly. It will also help the developers. However, all the API doesn’t work, and they are still in the process of making them completely work. But those that do work are OAuth2, Google Cloud Messaging, Google+ sign-in, ads, and maps/location. The future of chrome has also taken a step upward after this as it was already widely used browser.

2. Google field trip app on your smartphone:

Google’s Niantic Labs has made its  Trip tourist guide App to also work on Android Wear smartwatches. The app uses to be in Android smartphones and then the I phone, and now it is also available for smartwatches. It is not just for tourist, but you can do other things even with the App. You can find information on historical places and get some pace to eat, shop and have fun.

3. Google taught chrome to sing A new extension in Google chrome named as “tone” which broadcasts the URL in any tab through your machine’s speakers as a little blast of bleeps and bloops. The idea is to easily allow teams to share documents and links without copying and pasting links in chat boxes. The tool is the first tool to share links and text in this way. It can be handy for sharing links in podcasts and another medium.

4. Google maybe Planning to kill the Space bar Google may kill the space bar to introduce a new design. The reason is Google got a patent for building keyboards without them. Google was awarded a new license to remove the physical space bar so that there can be a room for a hybrid trackpad. However, it still not 100% sure but we might be expecting for this soon enough. As Google is innovative with everything they got, they might go for making a few other changes as well.