SEO Mistakes

There are many mistakes which the people are doing but that common mistakes which the digital marketer make being involved in SEO are described below: we reviewed some mistakes.

 There many factors which affect the Google Algorithms and the Bing websites. The title element and the essential element of SEO, sometimes it implies the lack of keywords. You should research the keywords in depth about the terms which you targeted first. Make your keyword stuffed which represents the unique topic of your page.

The implicit issue may arise about the title duplication which does not been noticed. Sometimes it may also suggest such as home page, services, products, pages, etc.

What do I do?

You may use the toolbar to escape all pages and for a quick view of the Title element.

Duplication of Content

As we are talking about the repetition of content, this might be seen or not, but as usual, it will recognize.  There are different types of duplicate content which can be tackled down. This might include the copy of material from another site. Duplication found from the parameter usage if you copy from others then at that case, two URL will be displayed for some content.

What do I do?

For that, you may open your Google   Analytic page, and you will find several pages which refer to traffic.

Improper Internal Linking

While talking about internal linking, it directly links others site. It is an essential part of SEO. It helps search engine to understand the critical pages in your website. It may create confusion while search engine crawling for the site the following errors arises:

  • Link the brand logo and home pages linking across the site to the duplicate version.
  • Internal links on the site page or navigation are broken.

What do I do?

There are many sites which find the broken links. You may review your Google Webmaster Tools. You see their internal links the linked or error page which Google finds.