As we hear about the windows, the Microsoft brand we run from 30 days , this comes with different changes. At first we only use the windows in PC but later that we find in our mobile phone and after few days before, the latest version of windows i.e. windows 10 lunched in market. The main target of Microsoft is to spread windows 10 in every countries.

There are lots of changes and improvement in windows 8 by the required users as the candidate choice. With outcome of windows in market, its along with PC, tablet and mobile phone.

How Microsoft lunched windows 1 from windows 10?

Windows history begins from 1985.

Windows 1, 1985

The first version of windows  MS-DOS called Microsoft disk operating system which is character based operating system which is used in many computers but it didn’t take market manymore.

Windows 2, 1987

This is the first operating system to use Microsoft word and Microsoft excel. At that time, Apple has stolen some event with Macintosh and Lisa and there was case for stealing “look and Feel” law in which apple lose the case.

Windows 3, 1990

Windows 3 hides all the old version of MS-DOS and comes with program manager and this becomes the popular windows.

Windows 3.1, 1991

This windows comes in the first decade of 1990 with IBM compatible computers and this becomes the standard version of that time,. It seems as MS- DOS .

Windows 95, 1995

Windows 95 was very famous and it took the operating system on the top level of the world. It[places every icons whatever you like. it becomes to do work in computer. Many features such as internet explorer, Recycle bin, start button. These all icon display on the desktop. At that everywhere crowds and talks about window 95. For the lunch of this OS, lenevo give his big hand with Bill gate to give such output up to 2012. We found this in market until the lunch of windows 8.

Windows 98, 1998

Windows 98 seems a windows 95 and works same as windows 95. There are some features added.

Windows AMD, 2000

Windows AMD has some features as windows 98. It didn’t take the market and people hear about the upcoming windows  window they wait for that windows.

Windows CE, 2000

At that time, Microsoft has started their new version for mobile phone. It is based on windows CE. Microsoft started this by putting windows logo and start button and many morte.

Windows XP, 2001

Windows XP lunched in 2001. IT becomes the most fast and furious windows operating system after window 95. This was the first windows to consume MS-DOS. Windows NT is the strongest version of windows with their live features.

Windows Mobile 5.2005

Microsoft has started this feature in blackberry and Nokia. It’s proceeding for New version of windows.

Windows Vista, 2006,

It takes 5 years to lunch windows vista, while preparing this website there are many faults and it comes after the recovery of such faults so it takes long time to lunch in market.

Windows Mobile 6, 2007

Microsoft has lunched windows mobile 6 which was 5 years old platform. It was lunched in february 2007. At the same time has lunched their Iphone. This has the stylish keyword but it didn’t run any more in fornt of Iphone.

Windows 7, 2007

Windows 7 uplift the fault of windows vista and it comes with the new nname windows 6 vista. This was the very glorious windows operating system. Many of the office are using this up to now. It takes the market many more. You can easily upgrade windows 7 to windows 10.

Windows Phone, 2010

Microsoft lunched windows phone, the first version of windows phone. It added many features but it didn’t success to compete Iphone market.

Windows 8 Tablets

After the 30 years of history, at last microsoft lunched this operating system and it provides many benefit but didn’t success so that it comes in windows phone. It has many icon on the screen but it does not have start button.

Windows 8 Desktop

Microsoft didn’t able to bring that operating system which runs in both tablet and PC. After the 2 years release of windows 8, the price comes down by 12%. You can easily upgrade windows 8 to window 10.

Windows Phone 8

Microsoft lunched windows 8 as same as the platform of windows mobile phone. It has many features. Microsoft PC, Microsoft server, operating system uses windows NT but in comparison with Android IOS, windows phone is back in the market.

Windows and Windows 8.1, 2014

Microsoft provides this feature such as PC, tablets, mobile update in 2014. It has some changes such as start menu. Window 8.1 will be updated to windows 10.

Windows 10

The latest version of windows which is amazing. The full version hadn’t  come yet for the business.