Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training enables you for Internet Marketing. SEO training by SEO expert Prakash Khatiwada, Krishna Bogati and Milan Shrestha in Nepal.

Regarding the reference, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a subject of evolutionary computation. Search engine optimization inspired by Search Engine optimizing evolution such as competitive market, globalization and the requirement of students. Candidates solution to the optimized problem which plays a vital role for individual and the quality of the solution.

Search engine optimizer often performs the approximate solution to all types of problem like as Offsite-optimization, keyword planner, Google Ad word, Google Analytics, Google Ad sense, etc. This generates success in this field as page ranking, Google Approval. Search engine optimization, robot.txt files, etc.

This program is aimed at educating participants about the fundamental of Search Engine Optimization using the fundamental of Search optimization using various ways so that you can utilize this technique in their research aspects practically and at the same time, they extend to expose to the advancement in this area.

The training program will help mentors for further deliver its content to their students and endow budding researcher by using various tool for their research.

One day training program on  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the Venue of Texas international college, Mitrapark chabazite. Organized By: National ICT Club, Co-organized By Texas International College, Supported By Livingwithict, Slash plus, ICT Frame, ICT Association of Nepal, CSIT Association of Nepal. The Speakers are Milan Shrestha, Prakash Khatiwada and Krishna Bogati.