Short Note Regarding Cyber Attack and Safety to be taken at this time based on the cyber-attacks prevalent

April 16, 2020, Kathmandu

Problem Statement: You know, at recent, cyber-attacks in Nepal has exposed the personal information from the database of different organizations via the breaches, and similar results are seen. You can explore the cases recently from the message in your cell phone, so forth, as detailed by media.
In my research, case studies, present happenings in the case of Nepal and the global scenario, APT groups, cybercriminals are targeting different clusters. They have the following circumstances: (These are the generalized cases, whose detail can be explored in various study reports).
Phishing (Email, SMS, so forth), using the subject of coronavirus or COVID-19 as a lure. Malware distribution using coronavirus or COVID-19 themed lures. Attacks against newly (and often rapidly) deployed remote access or remote working infrastructure. They are using video conference platform because some video conference platforms are seen with vulnerabilities (E.g., Zoom cases). Filter the email messages whose subject areas enlisted below, cautiously examine the content inside it: 2020 Coronavirus Updates, Coronavirus Updates 2019-nCov: New confirmed cases in your City, Stuffs to do at Corona, working online at home, Stay Safe are some of the email subjects.
Precautions: Utilize Risk Management and Vulnerability Management Techniques where necessary. Suggest you all be alert while using the Internet space and Safely Browse the Internet. Think twice before you click on a link. Also, take care of the children who are using the Internet is also doing it safely.


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