Showtime Network to come up with subscriptions from the Internet. That means you don’t have to worry about cable subscriptions. Like the way, HBO started its online subscription some Months ago, and you were able to watch HBO shows online.
HBO announced its online version just before the release of its greatest series ‘Game Of Thrones’ season 5. And Now you can watch your favorite shows of Showtime Network Online as well with a subscription of $10.99 a Month.
CBS Corporation on Wednesday announced what it calls a “stand-alone streaming service” for the Network. It’s going to have the same name as “Showtime.” It is said to come in July. It will be available via the Apple TV.
CBS executes had informed before too that they have been working on the online version for Showtime Network. With the popularity of the series, they were going to have to need such type of subscription soon. To be exact, this type of subscription is helpful as people will get to stream it wherever they are, and piracy also is decreased when people get to watch the show easily without any hassle.
The date for this Internet subscriptions was released just this Wednesday. The Amazing thing is they are also giving promotional offers like the ones provided by HBO, i.e., 30-day trial free for the ones subscribing through Apple.  But the price is a difference at least it is undercutting its rival by about $4 with the $10.99 deal. It is costly than Netflix however.
The business strategy is the same however that they are trying to reach out to the customers who don’t have cable or TV subscription through the help of the Internet. CBS is also trying to participate with Apple as it shows interest in the long-rumored Television service by the Apple. CBS has said to be a part of it if such a thing happens.
The subscription will also feature live streaming so that users can enjoy more. Shows like “Masters of Sex” and “Ray Donovan.” will have their new season during the launch of Online subscription by showtime. So this is long-planned release.
“Going over-the-top means Showtime will be much more accessible to tens of millions of potential new subscribers,” Les Moonves, the CBS Corporation CEO, said in a statement.