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24th September 2021, Kathmandu

Cybersecurity standards remain a serious concern for organizations as Singapore is expanding its digital transformation capabilities. According to Barracuda Networks, network and ransomware attacks have become a hurdle for organizations in Singapore. Barracuda has investigated that 72% of Singapore businesses have been affected by network attacks, and 62% were at least victims of a ransomware attack last year.

Why Singapore companies are unable to repel cyberthreats

The research investigated various reasons why Singaporean businesses are getting network attacks. The remote working environment was one of the biggest challenges to mitigate cyberattacks. The remote working companies’ network security breach rate has raised (77%) than the companies working from offices (67%).  Remote working networks are not secure as corporate networks.

Other Key Findings

  • 96% of Singapore employees with company-issued devices share their home internet connection with family members, leading to cybersecurity risks.
  • Web-based apps are an attractive target for cybercriminals.
  • Companies have at least 24 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps deployed, with 50% of all traffic being directed to public cloud providers.

Defending Cyberattacks

The research also stated that the network breaches, ransomware attacks, and remote working companies needed the cloud-native secure access service edge deployments in Singapore. About 33% of the companies have configured a software-defined Wide Area Network to connect users to applications securely. 58% of other companies are planning to do in the future. Other 42% of companies had already deployed Zero Trust Network Access to secure their apps other 54% plan to do in the future.

‘’Singapore companies are struggling from network breaches and security challenges as they are adapting hybrid work environments. Most of them are relying on SaaS applications and public cloud to improve their user experience and security which can be a good thing’’ Regional Director for Southeast Asia and Korea, Barracuda.


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