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14th April 2023, Kathmandu

Temus, a digital transformation services company, announced an inaugural partnership with AI Singapore (AISG) at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) yesterday.

Mr. Lew Chuen Hong, Chief Executive, IMDA, was Guest of Honour at the event held at the AISG premises. The strategic partnership aims to accelerate AI innovation and adoption among companies in Singapore, contribute to the National AI strategy, and reinforce Singapore’s position as a global AI hub.

Under the MOU, Temus and AISG will collaborate to catalyze digital transformation, promote AI adoption, and develop new AI technologies, solutions, and applications for firms based in Singapore.

The partnership will also provide training, resources, and mentorship to nurture local AI talent and support local research projects and initiatives.

Accelerating AI adoption and deployment for Singapore firms

An important aspect of this collaboration is the encouragement of AI adoption and deployment among organizations under AISG’s flagship 100 Experiments (100E) program. The program is designed for AI-ready companies with suitable resources and data.

To assist companies that lack these prerequisites, AISG partners with Temus which offers guidance on data collection, preparation, and governance. Once AI-ready, companies can utilize AISG’s 100E program for AI solutions and products and turn to Temus for deployment and maintenance support. Temus’ ‘vision-to-value’ digital transformation capabilities will increase AISG’s capacity to work with organizations to deliver long-term value for business transformation.

An example of such a partnership is the case of a joint project with a Singapore-based aviation company. The preliminary stages of this project will see Temus, AISG, and the aviation company collaborating to test AI-powered solutions that can make sense of large quantities of unstructured information, leading up to a potential project to drive efficiencies in the company’s contracting and negotiation process.

KC Yeoh, Chief Executive Officer, Temus said,

“Temus is delighted to partner with AISG to realize the digital aspirations of Singapore’s enterprises and vision to be a Smart Nation. As AI becomes increasingly ubiquitous in our daily work and lives, we hope to strengthen our digital ecosystem with like-minded partners. We aim to help organizations innovate and transform with AI technology and solutions, which will, in turn, unlock economic and societal value for Singapore and beyond.”

Professor Mohan Kankanhalli, Deputy Executive Chairman, of AI Singapore said,

“In an increasingly digital world, it is imperative that we increase AI-readiness across sectors and industries so that Singapore can benefit from the immense potential of AI to catalyze change and develop smart technologies will the capacity to transform societies. We are thrilled to work with Temus to build and sustain a trusted AI environment in support of Singapore’s Smart Nation journey.”

Broadening training, adoption, and use of AI and machine learning

This partnership will lead to more than 100E projects from Temus’ ecosystem of partners and customers, resulting in more opportunities for Singaporeans to deepen their AI skills in AISG’s AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP). The program allows apprentices to gain hands-on experience in real-world AI deployment projects that aim to address major challenges within the public and private sectors.

As part of the partnership, Temus and AISG will also ensure that Singaporean companies remain at the forefront of AI advancements by creating new opportunities for businesses to harness the potential of AI and equipping their leaders with the necessary tools to navigate the digital revolution. This will include jointly delivering AI for Leaders seminars, a by-invite-only monthly event for business leaders and decision-makers to gain industry insights on the latest developments in AI, understand the technology, and have discussions on how AI solutions can deliver better business outcomes.

Matt Johnson and Alan Huang, Temus’ Managing Directors for AI & Data and Transformation respectively, delivered the first joint seminar titled “From Vision to Value”, which shares a vision for the AI-enabled enterprise and how leaders can deliver business value with the power of AI.

Johnson said,

“Companies are harnessing the power of AI to increase agility, creativity, and engagement, improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, increase innovation, manage talent better, and improve risk management. However, it is important to use AI ethically and responsibly and balance automation with human skills and empathy.”

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