Skill Kathmandu

1st April 2024, Kathmandu

Glocal After School, an entity of Glocal Pvt. Ltd., focuses on building 21st-century employability skills among people through various methods, events, courses, and training, thus bridging the gap between industry and academia. This initiative creates a seamless ecosystem, connecting skill education to employment opportunities.

Glocal Pvt. Ltd.

In 2019, Glocal Pvt. Ltd. researched Skills for Future Jobs in Nepal for the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security’s Training Department, and to promote its outcome and promote Skill as a whole, Glocal started its flagship program; Skill Week.

Skill Week is a week packed with events, creativity, skills, inspirations, and insights. This is a week earmarked to conducting workshops related to diverse skills, skill-focused competitions, skill shows and exhibitions, a learning hub, job fairs, and sessions along with several entertainment components making this an infotainment week honoring skill.

Skill Week Kathmandu

To do justice to the four core pillars of Skill Week: Art and Culture, Tourism and Hospitality, Science and Technology, and Entrepreneurship, this edition of Skill Week will be held from April 1 – April 08, 2024, and different experts from these fields will be invited to impart their knowledge to the curious youth. Similarly, this year Skill Week is based on four themes; Green Ecosystem, Digital Transformation, International Connectivity, and Dual/VET Apprenticeship.

On the 6th of April, a skill fest will be organized at Kings College, Babarmahal for people to showcase their skills and learn new ones. It will be a day full of fun-filled activities and learning opportunities for the youth. Several skillful stalls, job opportunities, and activities will be lined up for the people to test their skills, share, explore, and enjoy skill learning. This event is an open and free platform for youth between the ages of 15-30. This event will help youths to network, explore, get engaged, and educate in various skills.

The main highlights of the event are Talks, Presentations, Exhibitions, Displays, Competitions, Workshops, Training, Skill fests, Entertainment, Job Fairs, and Human Library Sessions by distinguished experts and guests.  From 1st April to 6th April, workshops will be provided by different organizations and individuals at various venues throughout the week.

In addition to this, a round table discussion is being held on 7th April 2024 which is an Industry-Academia Interaction during Skill Week.

CEO Unplugged, a yearly forum organized by Glocal Pvt. Ltd. comprising a series of panel discussions where we try to establish a platform to discuss entrepreneurship, contemporary business challenges, possibilities, and futuristic views for the newcomers in the business world and students with an objective of “Today Meets Tomorrow” will also be held on 8th of April, 2024. On the Closing Ceremony of Skill Week, the Skill Hero Award will also be organized on the evening of 8th April 2024 where five veterans from the respective fields i.e. Art & Culture, Tourism & Hospitality, Entrepreneurship, Science & Technology, and Apprenticeship will be recognized and awarded for their dedication and inspiration for people to follow.

Mr. Asish Thakur, Chairman and Executive Director, of Glocal Pvt. Ltd. said while addressing the audience at the press conference, “Skills are the currency of success in today’s dynamic world. Cultivate them wisely, for they are the keys that unlock endless possibilities and pave the way to a brighter future.”


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