Amazon failed in first attempt to break the smart phones market . The eCommerce company reported to the mid list of restructuring its hardware division which is responsible for fire phone.

The eCommerce giant works on a successor to its fire phone which was surprising which was not only because of the experimental phone. The last report also shows that the Amazon costs $170 million in loses but the company CEO, Jeff Bezos admitted that the phone becomes failure Amazon has longer thought which push the smart phone project.

WSJ reports that the Amazon is scaling efforts hardware back. It has brought many projects but put on hold, including table with many larger screen as well as the product that aimed to be end computer for the kitchen. Not quite sure how well that would be done anyways.

The fire phone has negative  impact in lab126 but that is not to say about the hardware development center which didn’t have its success share.

It is highly doubtful that this move will translate the Amazon fully bowing-out of producing hardware. This will be continued until a new revolution.

Amazon is likely to take another crack at making smart phone which is carrying on fine without it.