Google has rejected complaint by Europe’s competition watch god which highly prefers the internet web search to promote it’s won products by abusing its dominance.

The European commission, the executive body of EU in April that Google has improperly favored its shopping comparison service which improperly favored its shopping comparison service which has its own search results with high stakes that could lead billions of Euro’s in fines.

The vice president of Google Kent Walker er said in blog that the commission of conclusion are works as matter of fact, law and economics.

Google said that its submitted a rebuttal of European commission which is of 150 pages with data economics and legal analysis of its backup position.

The main aim of commission is to ensure the fair competition in 28 nation European union which concerned the Google dominant and its market position. The company processes 90% of search deed in the EU which is compared to 60% in the US.

Online consumer are unable to see compelling alternatives from merchants refuse or can’t afford to pay into high spot of Google’s shop ranking. Google also charges in shopping results, its general index that log links from all websites.

EU spokes person Richard Cardozo confirmed that all the Google’s reply is received by the European commission.

He said that we should consider the googles response by taking any decision about how to proceed and about the final outcome of the investigation.

Walker said that Europe’s anti-trust regulators offer a peculiar and problematic solution which is issued by demanding the Google’ advertising sourced and ranked within their own advertising space.

He said that it would harm the quality and re valance of your results.

The firm based Calofornia believes that such obligation is legally justified where a company has duty to provide essential supplies to arrivals such as electricity sector or in gas.

It’s already had and inquiry about the Google using Android Operating system which unfairly drives the traffic to its services on mobile.

It has also proved that Google has breaking the law of EU which is costly for a company as rich as Google.

The EU impose 10% fines of annual revenue which is around $ 6 billion which force the company to overhaul its system for recommending website.