SnapTube Review for Android

11 Janaury 2021, Kathmandu

SnapTube Review

Do you need an app that allows you to stream HD videos in peace, along with the option to download and convert them into audio as you please? Well, you don’t need to look any further. SnapTube is just what you need.

Released in 2014, SnapTube is a revolutionary app that allows you to download HD videos and MP3s from not just YouTube but all sorts of other social media platforms. Download videos for free with just one click. It has a high rating of 9.0 with 1.1k reviews in APKpure.

 Get Started with SnapTube.

SnapTube is not available in Google Play Stores, but you can download the app from SnapTube’s official website.

  • Go to Click Here and click on the download button as in the image below. If you have never downloaded apps from sources other than Google Play Store, your device might block the download, so make sure to go to your settings and allow download from unknown sources: Settings > Security and turn on Unknown Source.
  • Once the download is successful, open the file and click on the “Install” button to install the app.
  • The app requires access to your media and files. Click “Allow.”
  • You are now ready to enjoy the perks of SnapTube.


Videos and Music

  • Wide range of videos and music to select from.
  • Stream HD videos and listen to HD quality Music.
  • You can select the videos to watch and music to listen to from the feed or search for specific ones from the direct search tab. You can watch the videos in multiple resolutions according to need.

Download and Sharing

  • You can download the videos and music from this app.
  • Users can choose the resolution for the video being downloaded (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p HD, 1080p Hp). The larger the resolution, the larger the file size and download time. The videos can also be converted to audio files if needed as this app has an inbuilt video to the audio converter.
  • The audio download option also comes with multiple quality options (MP3 70K, MP3 128K, M4A 128K, MP3 160K). The higher the quality, the larger the file size and download time.
  • The video and the audio can be shared directly from this device to multiple other platforms.


This application allows you to access more than 50+ websites for downloading and engaging videos. Popular sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp are bookmarked for convenience.

Floating Window

It has customizable floating window features that allow users to multitask. Use any other apps that you like while you play your favorite video in a floating window adjustable in any corner of your device.

User Friendly

It has user-friendly navigation and design for easy access and the best lighting conditions for the user’s comfort. Eyes hurting because of bright lights at night? Turn on the “Night Mode” with a dark theme and let your eyes rest comfortably.

Ad-free entrainment for YouTube

If you are irritated with having to skip the constants ads on YouTube videos, use SnapTube and get an uninterrupted video streaming experience.

The negative aspect of the app

In 2019, this app was accused of carrying out fraudulent activities on its users’ phones without their knowledge; millions of suspicious transaction requests were discovered from the app.

SnapTube claimed that a third-party software that was used cause these activities and that the app does not use that software anymore.


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