Social Media Mastery – Learning Skill For Side Hustle

Social Media Marketing Course

19th November 2020, Kathmandu

In the midst of the pandemic, many of them are enrolling into learning new skills using online platforms. As a lot of startups like e-commerce, agriculture, and delivery are emerging to cope with the current situation, Sherchan Consulting is introducing an online course Social Media Mastery Course  followed by two different courses of Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Canva-design course for the one who wants to build their digital skill and help themselves in self-sustaining even during and after the pandemic.

What is a Social Media Mastery Course?

Social Media Mastery is a  7 Days | 14 Hours intensive online training for professionals, creators, students & entrepreneurs where they get to learn about social media marketing in depth. One with the course enables students to learn and polish their basic social media skills to an expert level. As the course is designed for anyone who wants to leverage Social Platforms on the completion of the course, they shall learn to use the designs, strategize and plan, execute and, monetize Social Media platforms that could be for the personal or professional benefit.

What is the USP of Social Media Mastery Course?

  • Platform Specific Social Media Content Strategy
  • Paid Advertising
  • Free CANVA Designing Course

Who should join this Course?

  • Professionals looking to start Social Media based side hustle
  • Traditional Business owners moving to Online Landscape
  • Wanna be Digital Business owners
  • Wanna be Digital Influencer / Content Creators
  • Bachelors & Masters Student looking for Job
  • Wanna be Social Media Marketers
  • Instagram Shop (Pasal) Owners
  • Anyone looking to grow an online audience or build an online brand
  • Individual with Digital Skill ( Developer, Designer, Freelancer, Artist)

What can you expect at the completion of this course?

  • Marketer Perspective on four Social Media platform
  • CANVA Design Skill
  • A Branded online Social Media Channels

The batch is starting from 23 November 2020.  You can book your seat at:


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