Software Freedom Day 2016 – Sept 17, 2016 – Cute Calendar

There are many special days in ICT like Hardware Freedom Day, Culture Freedom Day, the outline of free software, Document Freedom Day, etc. Among them, one of the most unforgettable days for every ICT lovers is Software Freedom Day. Now it is going to be conducted on 17th September 2016 in Kathmandu, Nepal. So your participation is highly appreciated on this program. And it a great opportunity as well for you to know about the free software used in Nepal and their future scopes on IT fields.

Besides, in this article, I would also like to give you some historical information on Software Freedom Day (SFD) so that you can have better ideas on why it is established. Here we begin:

Software, Freedom Day is an annual program conducted worldwide to discuss on Free Software. And it was found in 2004. The main motto of this day is to raise awareness of Free Software and its effective implementation. Beside free software is the software that gives you the freedom to share study and modify it. So we call this free software because the user is free to download and use it. That’s why realizing the importance of this day; it is celebrated every year throughout the world.

 So don’t miss it. It’s your time to know more about it. Time and Tide wait for none.