Some Highlights Of Google I/O

This years Google I/O was not anything like those that we saw in previous years. There were no something extra ordinary about it.

Like previous years we saw guys jumping out of parachute and landing in the place where Google I/O was taking place so that they can show how coll there gadget was.

It just started with the traditional way of new product announcement. 1.Android M with finger print support, better permission As every year it does, this year also Google has announced a developer preview of Android M.

The new version will have permission controls which will allow user to selectively give permission for the apps like if they could check the Messages, use your Camera,Microphone and more.

It will also have support for fingerprint as they can be used to log in to Apps and accounts as well as pay as you go. 2.Google Now puts Smart suggestions everywhere You can now get suggestions everywhere with the App google Now during any time even while using your Apps.

Google searches and voices are already outstanding features. Now this features will also be helpful as it would bring Google Now-style answer cards to any app you’re currently using.

And you can get to know everything you needed to know about the Apps that you are currently using. 3. Google Photos detached from Google plus, Google has always focused on Videos and Photos.However, due to other cool features of Google plus, they could pick a pace. Now after detaching it, its going to manage Photos and Videos. It will automatically manage your Photos according to the time and location.


 You can also backup all your Photos with all other cool features that would be featured in the new service. 4.HBO comes to Android As we know it had been easy for apple users when it came to I tune as they could easily stream the contents with $15/month.

And now the App will also be available for Android users so that they would get to access all the contents without cables subscription. The App is soon coming to Google play. 5.

Android wear to get Gestures and launchers Smart watches are still in the process of getting better everyday. The announcements made for the watches were not that intimidation however they are exciting.

Android Wear will feature gestures that allows you to move between cards by flicking your wrist. They will also have launchers for their own so that you can bring without voice commands.