Sony’s smartphone which was said waterproof is not eligible to soak in water

Sony Company’s most popular smartphone series Xperia’s most specific feature was it is waterproof which means water doesn’t enter in it.

But company itself has appealed the users not to soak those waterproof smartphones in water.

In Sony Xperia’s blog, there is kept one information. It’s written: use it safely while taking pictures and videos in moist areas but do not use it soaking in water. If smartphone is soaked in dirty water mistakenly then wash it with clean water as soon possible.

According to the company, Smartphone device’s IP rating take smartphone to stand-by mode. So, to take photo in water, Xperia smartphone cannot be used. While swimming of diving, company has said that to take the picture of such condition phone can be used.

According to engadget website, Sony’s this information and warning is given for Xperia Z3 plus. But, these things are also made applicable for Sony’s coming smartphone Xperia Z5.

Though it is proved as waterproof, knowing that their smartphones cannot be kept in water for long time, Sony flowed this information to its users.