I wrote the same points for tech phones which is used for new windows.

When the PC was in the center of the universe pointed out the windows to be constant. OS universe is entirely different with at least two operating systems. Android and iOS. It has divided the attention into OEMs and app developer. Now, Android has become the dominant device for tech products.

The rise of mobile Smartphone put a damper on sales. There is some exciting trend that the Android community has a strange way which could important for the PC industry.

From research, we know that over 1.5 billion people introduced personal computing through a smart phone. These are beginner device lower power, But we also know that many people upgrade to better Smartphone with a bigger screen which functions eventually.

Many people are mainly familiar which has a lot of cases to help educate their kids and mange images and feels better. This helps to run the family business.

The big rub is that buyer will need windows based PC if they have ever know about Android OS. They create a version of Android used in a laptop.

The liege is called Remix which helps to run Android apps and Google store. It also suggests the blessed version which checks out the demo site and runs power point. Black berry is also dedicating Android OS which highly secures the major company software for doing similar things.

It has a significant impact on the PC maker by showing OS loyalty with Microsoft. They have broken ranks to support chrome book. The PC maker supports Android on PC which could be an exciting impetus to grow demand for PCs and laptops.