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1st November 2021, Kathmandu

Study Group witnesses 36% increase in enrolments from Nepal for universities abroad since 2020

  • Students enrolling hail majorly from Bagmati, Gandaki, and Lumbini regions
  • Nursing, business administration, engineering management, accounting, information technology, data science are among the most popular courses
  • Mass vaccination drive and relaxation in visa norms of destination countries influencing the enrolment decision

With borders starting to reopen worldwide, there has been a significant increase in students’ enrolment from Nepal in international universities and colleges.

Leading international education provider Study Group witnessed 36% of students enrolling since 2020. While Australia tops the list as their preferred destination, it is followed by the USA, UK, and Europe.

Studying abroad is an aspiration for many students from Nepal who are fond of experiencing the international lifestyle, exploring the vast job opportunities after completing their courses, and are willing to settle abroad.

In fact, since last year, 55% of Nepalese students applied to their favorite universities in North America, followed by 45% enrolling in the UK universities and 10% opting for Australia as

their preferred destination. A majority of these students belong to the country’s Bagmati, Gandaki and Lumbini regions.

Sharing her insights on the news, Srini Bandara, Regional Director of South Asia at leading international education provider Study Group said:

“We are delighted to see such a substantial increase in the number of Nepalese students applying for universities abroad.

They are drawn to countries like North America, the UK, and Australia primarily for their academic excellence, access to part-time job opportunities, and post-graduation work experience.”

Study programs including nursing, public health, business administration, engineering management, accounting, information technology, data science, early childhood education, urban planning, and engineering remain some of the most popular subjects among Nepalese students.

About Study Group:

Study Group’s mission is to be the leading provider of international education, and its vision is to build a better world through education.

Study Group partners with 34 universities worldwide to deliver academic pathway programs (e.g., Foundation Year, International Year 1/Diploma, and Pre-Masters courses), which broaden access to high-quality, global Higher Education opportunities for thousands of international students every year, across all subject areas.

Over the past 25 years, we have established a market-leading position in the international education sector by developing partnerships with universities in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North America, focused on supporting successful student progression to higher education and employment.

Our partners include leading ‘Russell Group’ UK universities and ‘Group of Eight’ Australian Higher Education Institutions.

Inside, a leading-edge education technology company is now an integral part of Study Group.

Insendi’s education technology expertise enables Study Group to deliver transformative experiential, intuitive, and accessible online learning experiences for students with the best, most pedagogically powerful digital tools available.

Study Group is currently the Global Education Investor Awards Pathway Company of the Year:


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