Are you confused on which Computer science or Information Technology course to pursue in bachelor’s level? My suggestion, at first, hate the question, what will you be in the future by studying the particular course? First study. If you study well, you can do amazing things in your life.
 Trust me, it is the university which is creating confusion to the students. It would have been so simple if it was said “Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science” in spite of giving multiple names to the same course. They just shift the subjects from freshmen year to sophomore and sophomore to freshmen. Same applied in junior year and senior year too. Besides this, just to give new flavor additional 1 to 2 new courses are taught.
 Once ask yourself, what you are looking for? Tag Er. at your name? or the work that you want to do as an Er. in your life? Believe on my words, IT industry never look into the title Er. at your name. They are only concerned with your skill and the input that you give to the company. By the day they hire you and start paying, they want something in return. If you can not give any thing in return, they will fire you. They are in the town to do business and earn not for social service. Why do not you understand such a simple logic and run behind the course title?
 Rather than the course name, focus on the skill that you should acquire to grow your career in IT industry. Take any course either Engineering or CSIT or BCA, do the best. Studying Computer Science is something like being Pilot. You can never say I am Pilot but taking the flight training. As happens with Computer Science graduates. As per my experience, Nepal is the only country that gives multiple names to the same course and creates confusion among the student. Whatever you study do the best. All courses have the scope and all courses do not have the scope. It is you who create scope but not the course title that creates scope.
Bijaya Kumar Shrestha
Deerwalk Institute of Technology


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