I am very grateful for this opportunity teaching at ECPI University and excited to start a new career as a professor of East Cost Poly-technical University (www.ecpi.edu).

It has been already a year since I started teaching at the university. Time flies by just like that just wanted to share my experiences. The first day of my teaching, I was so nervous and elated, felt prepared but I was looking underprepared and overwhelmed, I was stuck in my point of view sometimes, how I was teaching in English, language barriers, how loudly I was talking to students, and how students were thinking about my teaching practice, blah blah blah.

The second day, my teaching got a lot better, easing out, as time passed got better and better. I was also encouraged by the student’s feedback. Along the way, I learned the most important lesson a teacher can learn. I liked the students, and the students liked my style of teaching and industry experiences I brought into the class. By far the most significant surprise has been the realization that teaching is not like writing a dissertation. Especially in IT, you should be prepared to bring more practices, help them understand the foundation of the topics you are teaching. In a few months, I received one of the best reviews; later I was asked to change the curriculum of IT programs of the University. I always like to come up with a new idea that can be applied to my students every time I walk into the classroom. There is nothing more inspirational than a teacher dreaming about being able to give flight to a student’s dreams.

Teaching is an honorable profession; I am so grateful for being a professor of Cyber Security, the hottest topic in the world where daily over a half million cyber-attacks occur. It is becoming a bigger issue of everyone who is connected with technologies. This is the most challenging and loving job I ever had because I was also one of the millions who was born elsewhere, struggled many many years in America to achieve dreams.

Without you, I am nothing, with you I am something, and together we are everything. Thanks to my beloved wife, my kids, my parents, my family members, my friends, and well-wishers for your love and support.


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